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Brighton Beach: United Kingdom

Brighton beach is located to the southeast of Brooklyn and bordering the Coney Island. Its inhabitants are Odessa and have settled there for almost 25 years now. They have altered the face of New York neighborhood, which was once known as “poor retired man’s Miami Beach.” Back in 1930s the place was densely populated around the year, but it started to decline rapidly and became crime ridden ghostly town.

Brighton beach has always remained one of the popular choices amongst people as a holiday destination in UK. Millions visit Brighton to make their holiday memorable. Whether weekends stay of a longer trip, one can find abundance hotels in Brighton that will cater every need.

Pier remains city’s most iconic landmark. This Pier is home to the popular funfair, which opens at the midday and well known for offering thrilling rides including Wild River Flume. This ride goes up the water mountain and ends in an ultimate splash. Crazy Mouse spins and twists and the Super Boosters stands proudly 125 feet high and it travels right from 0 mph to 60 mph that too within three seconds. Ride will take you to a height of 38 meters high before the exciting sheer drop. Fair has to offer an array of attractions and there are rides suitable for every age.

Brighton Pier is also well known for the amusements. Palace of Fun is worth a visit for the interactive and innovate games it has to offer including several console titles. Family Entertainment Center is situated at the Dome, which features an array of arcade games to suit every age also has food court offering lip smacking delicacies. At end of tiring day, resting at the exotic beach and enjoying sea while sipping some drinks should be a great idea.

The seafood at Brighton remains one another tourist attraction. It is beautifully lined with restaurants, bars, amusement arcades and night clubs. It hosts several popular hotels too. The renowned Shingle beach has extensive shore. It has gained popularity for its cleanliness and has won a Blue Flag Beach award too. Towards the east of this beautiful beach lies the modern sports complex along with an array of facilities. If you want to enjoy an ultimate Frisbee or beach volleyball experience, then this sports complex is the place.

Towards the west of seafront is Monarch’s Way. This is an ancient extensive causeway, measuring 615 miles. This long-distance path has been historically linked to King Charles II’s escape route. He used this escape get way during the Battle of Worcester. The man-made Brighton Marina scales about 127 acres. It features bars, restaurants, cinema, casino, and health club. It makes the best place for an enjoyable sightseeing boat trip. One can also take up power boating, yachting and sailing lessons here. One easily find a wide range of hotels to fit every need here at Marina easily.
Brighton has something to offer everyone. Make your hotel reservations for this weekend and take pleasure of the seducing beach while enjoying other activities.

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