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Hotel Industry - Holiday4Seasons.com

Hospitality is considered to be synonymous to hotel industry. The changing trends in hotel industry have seen to have wise implications on otherwise diverse industry. An opportunity for the traveler could be survival matter for the hoteliers. It will not be oversimplification suggesting that emerging concepts in the hotel industry revealing tough competition in the industry.

Amid concern of the environment friendly service, several travelers are found to choose green lodging. A recent survey by some trade associates and the online retailers have about seventy percent of tourists are very much willing to pay extra for getting environmental friendly lodging. The surveys have further revealed that the guests are willing to pay about nine to ten percent of premium on the advertised price tags. What could be a welcome relief for educated travelers could prove to be challenging for the hoteliers. The hotels are found to be facing shortage in the occupancy rates that have gone to lowest. Such crisis and funds lacking could hamper all efforts made on alliances installation. Experts also believe that trade off could lead the hotel in to removal of all free amenities.

Hotel industry is found to offer large employment too part time workers. These workers gain experience and leave later to find their dream jobs or work outdoors. Mainly, low wages remain the main reason for low retention rates. The industry gurus have already decided on several ways to attract also retain all qualified workers and increased wages and reduced working hours. Top management is found to have devising methods that will retain existing workers by creating several attractive career paths and sponsoring them with education.

Increased rates of real estate have prompted the hoteliers to have diploid pre-fabricated as well as cost effective solutions in building of new hotels. They have come up with better designs that use the space for revenue that include shopping centers, theatres and casinos. Stand alone hotel concept seems to slowly vanish.

Evolution of the internet has led to phenomenon, where all travelers have become demanding. The industry professionals have suggested that increase in the trend, reviewing properties online is sure to make travelers less of forgiving, as they will be able to post travel experience. Such overemphasis on the web could lead to tough competition also reduction in the prices, where only the big players will be able to survive. Due to the threat, small owners are found to be turning towards boutique establishments as alternative. Introduction of the boutique properties have let to rising of widely accepted modern hotel theme. Such types of hotels are found keen to offer safe and clean environment for all those budget conscious travelers. Their main goal remains in erasing all myths that are related to dirty guesthouses and cheap motels.

One thing remains for sure that the regular remodeling of hotel industry has made it more practical and functional not restricted to guests, but also all hotel owners. The experts and surveys have helped the industry to mould while meeting the modern needs.